Your download will be delivered as a zip file on your device. Please ensure that any files you’ve downloaded are unzipped before you attempt to play them.

The device you're using to download your purchase usually has software built in to enable you to play back your audio. Depending on the software it may also have its own library management system which allows you to copy all your audio into a dedicated folder on your computer, tablet or phone. In the case of PCs running Windows the built in software will be Windows Media Player, but you can look this up yourself in Help or Support on your device. It's also worth checking the preferences on the software you will be using, so you know, for example, where your music is stored.

If your purchased download won't play, or is producing an error, please fill in the online contact form to let us know. Please include as much detail of the specific error you are encountering, and our customer services agents will try to resolve your issue.

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